California Tan Color Maximizer

California Tan Color Maximizer
California Tan !!!
Color Maximizer
* Maximizes both UV & Sunless sessions
* Quick-dry gel formula
* Fragrance: Fresh & Sunny
* 6 US fl. oz.

Whether you prefer to tan indoors, outdoors, use sunless spray tanning – or a combination of all 3… California Tan's Color Maximizer is one of the BEST products to get you over any tanning plateau. It also assist in providing the deepest, darkest, most natural looking and long-lasting tan yet!

Multi-use Maximizer:  Apply this product before you apply regular tanning lotion and it will maximize results when tanning indoors. (Tingle users: it will also maximize the results of tingle lotion!) Apply it before tanning outdoors to get the fastest, darkest tan possible. Apply this product before getting a sunless tan for a more even, natural looking, and longer lasting tan! It truly maximizes any kind of tan!
Quick-Dry Gel Formula: easy to apply and drip-free, providing immediate hydration to prime the skin for dark color
Skincare: contains a unique blend of Gynostemma & Ginseng that is known to nourish, protect, and increase the respiration of the skin.
Protein Infused: 
to balance skin functionality & provide longer lasting results.


  1. I am obsessed with this stuff. I still can't believe it is only $25. I first used it as a primer for a spray tan session and I can honestly say it was the best spray tan I have ever received. It was completely even and I was shades darker but no one would ever know it wasn't a natural tan!! The best part is that truly extended the life of my spray tan, instead of the usual for me- being gone after 7 days, this one lasted me 10 days! I have also used it before my regular tanning lotion (Luminary by Designer Skin) to maximize my tanning bed session. I could see a big difference in the color that I got from doing this and my tan seemed to last longer as well. I can't wait to see the results I get from using it to tan outdoors by the pool! I have an acquaintance that took a bottle with her to use on her beach vacation and she came back darker than ever! Who wouldn't want a tanning product that will maximize the results of any kind of tanning session and prolong the life of their tan? All salons should carry this product. I will never tan without it again!

  2. I like your post and it is so good and I am definetly going to save it. One thing to say the In depth analysis this blog has is trully remarkable.
    Sunless Tanning in NYC

  3. Really wish my salon would carry this. I would love to try this!