Tanning Lotions

Tanning Lotions
Intensifiers / Bronzers / Tingles / Sunless 

Tanning products contain skincare ingredients that are necessary for healthy skin.  Healthy skin tans darker, faster, and holds color longer.  Depending on skin condition and skin type, using healthy skincare tanning products can increase the results of a tanning session up to 30-40%!

Intensifiers / Maximizers are pure white lotions that contain no enhancers. They are designed for all tanners at any stage in the tanning process.  


Bronzers give a boost in color for a longer lasting tan.  There are three main categories of bronzers:  natural, delayed, and tan activating. When using   

Tingle / Hot Action

Tingle products are designed to speed up the tanning process. These products contain benzyl nicotinate, which increases micro-circulation and producing more oxygen to be delivered to melanin.  

Self Tanning Lotions

When using self tanning lotion at home use tight fitting disposable gloves or wash your hands between applications of product to each section of the body.