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Australian Gold Sheer Elements

Australian Gold Sheer Elements
Sheer Elements
Body Souffle Intensifier

*Ultra Hydrating & Energizing
*Mineral Based (sister product to Bronze Minerals)
*Fragrance:  Sheer Bronze
*9 US fl. oz.

Moisturizing Body Souffle:  fluffy, light formula packed with quintessential vitamins and aloe that provide intense hydration with sweet, silky moisture for dark, deep color
92 Earth Minerals: including copper, calcuim, zinc, magnesium and more, our skin naturally contains these same skin enriching minerals that help to prepare skin for UV absorption
Paraben Free:  contains a gentle, natural, and effective alternative preservation system
Bio-vitamins:  provide Essential Fatty Acids that moisturize and maintain skin color and integrity
Adavanced Skincare:  trace elements smooth skin and enhance color to improve the appearance of the skin

Tourmaline: natural energizing mineral that enhances microcirculation without the use of tingle for visually radiant, healthy glowing skin
ATO (Anti-Bacterial Complex): neutralizes after-tan odor and delivers an invigorating and fresh scent with Tanfresh blend