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Designer Skin Liberate

Designer Skin Liberate
New for 2011 !!!
Natural Skin Guardian Protection
Radically Dark Natural Bronzers Gentle Cool Burst Botanicals
 *Cooling Lotion
*DHA-free bronzing system
*Fragrance:  Freedom
*13.5 US fl. oz.

 Radically Dark Natural Bronzers:  delivers an immediate boost in bronze color that is DHA-free (no maintenance, streak-free/stain-free bronzers)
Skin Guardian Complex:  an extract derived from the leaves of the candle tree that protects skin against aging
StandOut Techonology:  helps relieve melanin from stress caused by oxidation, restores balance, and protects skin’s youthful appearance
:  help to hydrate the skin to maintain moisture & balance, keeping skin healthy for maximum effect.
ATO (Anti-Bacterial Complex): neutralizes after-tan odor