Lotion Review’s 2013 TOP 10 LIST

2013 TOP 10 LIST 
 Lotion Review has analyzed our data to produce a Top 10 list of the most popular tanning lotions thus far for the year 2013.  We have observed many factors to help in the compilation of this list; including determining the most frequently viewed tanning lotions on our pages in addition to identifying the lotions with the most positive reviews by our readers and editors. As a result, this Top 10 list is a reflection of the lotions that tanning enthusiasts have been most interested in learning more about and the tanning lotions that our readers and editors have tried and expressed positive results from doing so.

Drift Away™   Swedish Beauty takes the number 10 Lotion Review’s spot for the year with Drift Away, a new natural bronzer debuting in the middle of the 2013 tanning season. This lotion gives off a beachy-vibe, that is part of what seems to make it so appealing to tanners! With its sparkling seafruit fragrance and skincare ingredients from the sea itself – it is clear why it has been a fan favorite this season! Many reviewers have stated that Drift Away™ yielded impressively dark tanning results with just one use! This is definitely a lotion worth trying this year, especially considering the relatively low price point – retailing for less than $40!  
Snooki Hot Bronzer™Snooki Black Bronzer™    During the peak of the Jersey Shore’s popularity, along with several other cast-mates, Snooki™ created her own tanning lotion line. She chose to join forces with Supre Tan and her products have become a favorite of many! Snooki™ takes the number 9 spot with her BlackBronzer and the number 8 spot with her Hot Bronzer. The Black Bronzer is an ultra dark 70X bronzing blend and the Hot Bronzer adds an intense tingle to that formula. “I take tanning seriously. When I tan, I want to know that I am putting on the very best tanning products out there. That is why it was important for me to come out with my own line. Everyone who tries my products will instantly fall in love with them. I did.” –Snooki.  

Juicy Gossip™Black Dahlia™     Designer Skin has always been a favorite product line for many tanners; this year in addition to holding the number one spot on Lotion Review’s top 10 List, it also produced the lotions that rank 7th-4th. on the list!  Juicy Gossip, a mid-season release for 2013, holds the number 7 spot for the year. It is a juice-based intensifier with an amazing white peach fragrance that provides wonderful results! Number 6 is Black Dahlia, a 45X limited edition bronzer. 

Obsidian™Black Noir™Coming in at number 5 this year is Obsidian, a 30X bronzer with a warming complex. Number four is Black Noir, a 22X Black Bronzer that is a Private Reserve™ formula. Black Noir™, Obsidian™, and Black Dahlia™ are all a part of Designer Skin’s Mystical Collection, containing their highest end products with the best skincare and anti-aging ingredients, in addition to a silicone base and the top quality accelerating and bronzing ingredients.

 We have seen the trend over the past couple of tanning seasons of tanning lotions endorsed by television personalities and celebrities gaining increasing popularity among tanners. Read on to see if Lotion Review’s Top 3 list is a testament to this…

Wedding White Bronzer™One and Done™   JWOWW from the Jersey Shore has produced an increasingly popular and top selling line of lotions in partnership with Australian Gold. She introduced her first lotions in 2012 and added more for the 2013 season. JWOWW’s lotions have been quite popular with the followers of Lotion Review, her Wedding White Bronzer and One and Done earned the number 3 and 2 ranking for most popular this year. At number 3 the Wedding White Bronzer has peaked many tanners’ interest because it is the first lotion to contain 100% clear DHA bronzers – which is great because there is no rubbing off on your clothes. One and Done™ captured number 2 as an advanced black bronzer that has been a best seller nation-wide. It is a great all-in-one product that has an amazing Asian Pear fragrance that tanners love!

Lotion Review’s  #1
 Kardashian Glow   The Kardashian’s introduced their new lotions, called Kardashian Glow, in the Designer Skin product line right before the beginning of the 2013 tanning season. The overall response from tanners seems to be that these products, although quite pricey (retailing over $100), work great! They contain the highest level of skincare and quality accelerating/bronzing ingredients. Of this line, the Natural Bronzer is the most popular with the Lotion Review audience, ranking as this year’s number 1 most Popular with Lotion Review’s readers. Natural bronzing lotions are many tanners’ favorite product type because they use only natural based extracts to immediately bring out the natural bronze color of your skin – proving a natural looking glow!

Lotion Review’s 2013 TOP 10 LIST
1.   Designer Skin Kardashian Glow™
 Natural Bronzer
2.   Australian Gold JWOWW One and Done
3.   Australian Gold JWOWW Wedding WhiteBronzer™
4.   Designer Skin Black Noir
5.   Designer Skin Obsidian
6.   Designer Skin Black Dahlia
7.   Designer Skin Juicy Gossip
8.   Supre Tan Snooki Hot Bronzer
9.   Supre Tan Snooki Black Bronzer
10. Swedish Beauty 

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