Australian Gold Hemp Nation™ Vanilla Pineapple Tan Extender

Australian Gold Hemp Nation™ Vanilla Pineapple Tan Extender
New 2014 Australian Gold !!!
Hemp Nation™ Vanilla Pineapple
Moisturizing Tan Extender
 Contains Hemp Seed Oil
* Tropical Fruit Blend Infusion
* Fragrance: Vanilla Pineapple
*Available in: 16 oz. bottle or 0.5 oz. sample

Australian Gold’s Hemp Nation™ Vanilla Pineapple Tan Extending Moisturizer is a THC Drug and Paraben-Free product. It is packed with the best skincare ingredients that keep skin healthy and youthful, while deeply hydrating skin and prolonging the life of your tan!

Hemp Nation™ Vanilla Pineapple *Features:
Pure Hemp Seed Oil contains a special blend of amino and fatty acids that work together to provide the deepest level of moisturization.
Tropical Fruit Blend with vanilla and pineapple, anti-oxidants and enzymes combine to soften and hydrate skin, increase elasticity of the skin, and fight the signs of aging.
Age Defying Blend the extreme fusion of Vitamins B5 and E provide the skin with a natural protection from aging.
HydroRich™Blend  Glycerin, Jojoba, and Shea Butter deeply hydrate and lock in moisture for long-lasting silky smooth results.

Soft Focus Effects microspheres help to scatter light, which aids in decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


  1. I use this everyday and love it!

  2. **My review on May 15,2014**

    *Scent-Pineapple with hints of Vanilla...the scent fades to a lighter subtle scent.

    *Lotion is thick but IMO not bad at all,it rubs in easy. Its very moisturizing w/out being greasy..I love how it makes my skin feel amazingly soft & moisturized.

    I LOVE THIS MOISTURIZER!!!!!!! The scent is super yummy,it smells so good and the moisture & hydration it give IMO is exceptional!!

    I have been using this a lot since I got a bottle & will buy another before I run out.

    5/5 stars

  3. Loveeeeee these tan extenders! I use it everyday when I get out of the shower and they keep my tan and my skin looking amazing! It really does make a difference in the life of your tan and it makes my skin so soft! The scent is really nice too!