Devoted Creations Camo Queen™

Devoted Creations Camo Queen™
New 2014 Devoted Creations
Camo Queen™
Fast Acting Bronzing &
Radiance Restoring Formula

* Tan Enhancer 
* Bronzer with DHA
* Fragrance: Wild Berry Dahlia
*12.25 US fl. oz.

Devoted Creations Camo Queen™ is an exciting new lotion being released in the fall of 2013!! In just one step, it will work to maximize dark tanning results and help with skin imperfections!

* Camo Queen™ Features:
DHA Bronzer: maximizes your tan with DHA bronzers that give an extra boost of color for faster visible results and help you keep your color longer.
Mattfying Formula: works to help camouflage any skin imperfections by providing a flawless matte finish
Anti-aging: Vitamin C along with Green Coffee Extract fight free radical damage and smooth and tighten skin
Moisturizing : contains deep moisturizing ingredients to hydrate skin and prime it for for the darkest tanning results
FreshTek: Proprietary blend of deodorizing and skin freshening ingredients.
Blended with multiple accelerators that work to target melanin production and achieve fast, dark tanning results.
Fragrance: Fresh Citrus


  1. I will first admit that Devoted Creations products have never been my favorite. I find that the quality of the bronzers (especially when DHA is an ingredient) is not up to par with the other big brands. This lotion, for me, worked as a typical DHA DC lotion does. It smells nice, applies easily to my skin, and gives good color initially. However, the next day I noticed that my overall color was not as "natural" as I would like it to be. Although I was fairly careful when applying the lotion, I also noticed some streaking on my legs. For this reason, I would not recommend this lotion.

  2. I see that this product seems to remain on the "Top 5" list for this site... I am curious to see other opinions from people that have tried it out. Maybe I am missing something! :)

  3. I just puchased this lotion and i noticed as i was rubbing it in it turned white... is it supposed to do that???

    1. yes this is normal! I work at a tanning salon that only sells devoted creation, personally I have always preferred this brand. the Camo queen has both natural bronzers and cosmetic. Although the formula is brown, adding immediate "color", the white base is the moisturizing natural bronzer with no added color. That would be the reason behind your tan possible looking darker through out the day.

  4. **My review on June 19,2014**

    *Scent-Reminds me of cherry blossom with a hint of fruitiness...I love it!!

    *No ATO

    *Lotion color is light brown,DHA is 4th in the ingredients.

    *Lotion goes on smooth and easily absorbs. Right after application I noticed stickiness but by the time I was done tanning it was gone.

    *IMO this is not a super moisturizing lotion but its ok and IMO definitely nice for the warmer months.

    *Color boost was really nice!!! Over hours I could tell I was a lot darker,even after showering the color was great.

    I have used this lotion 3x now and like it a lot and happy I have a bottle for the summer months.

    4/5 stars...Could be more moisturizing IMO