Confessions 20X Bronzer

Designer Skin Confessions™ 20X Bronzer
2020 Tanning Lotion
Confessions™ 20X Bronzer 
* High DHA + Natural Bronzers
20X Hypoallergenic Bronzer
* Fragrance: Peaches & Cream

Confessionsby Designer Skin provides a Hypoallergenic bronzing formula for sensitive skin formulated to combat against ATO.

JWOWW Stunning White Bronzer

JWOWW Stunning White Bronzer

AG JWOWW Stunning™ 
Advanced White Bronzer
* Ink-Drink™ Complex
* Hemp Seed Oil
* Fragrance: Fruity Floral
* Available in 10 oz. bottles & 0.5 oz. samples


Lotion Review is always excited to include, for review, another white bronzer to our list of lotions. Australian Gold has offered a New 2019 white DHA bronzer with tattoo protection and after tan odor protection.

Pauly D Bottle Sevice Black Bronzer

Pauly D Bottle Sevice Black BronzerNew 2019 Devoted Creations!!!
Pauly D Bottle Sevice
Ultra-Dark Black Bronzer
* DHA, Natural & Cosmetic Bronzers
* Blue Tansy™ Anti-Orange Technology
* Fragrance: Champagne Showers
* Available in 12.25 oz. bottles & 0.5 oz. samples


With large amounts of DHA, Natural and Cosmetic Bronzers, Pauly D’s Ultra-Dark Black Bronzer is sure to produce instant results with darker color over time.

AG JWOWW Fitspiration Natural Bronzer

AG JWOWW Fitspiration Natural Bronzer
New 2019 Tanning Lotion!!!
AG JWOWW Fitspiration™
Ultimate Natural Bronzer
* Extreme DHA Bronzer
* Fit Complex
* Fragrance: Exotic Aruba
* Available in 13.5 oz. bottles & 0.5 oz. samples


Fitspiration™ Natural Bronzer offers immediate dark color results, formulated to guard against after tan odor.