Bronzers give a boost in color for a longer lasting tan.  There are three main categories of bronzers:  natural, delayed, and tan activating.

Natural Bronzers are often referred to as first dimension bronzers or instant bronzers.  They give immediate results that last for 1-2 days.  Immediate bronzers do not streak or stain.  Examples of ingredients that make up immediate bronzers are:  walnut shell extract, carrot oil, caramel and henna.

Delayed Bronzers use the self-tanning agent, DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) to increase dark color. Erythulose is often used in addition to DHA; both sugar cane extracts that chemically darken the proteins in the skin and produce a natural looking bronze color. Once exposed to air DHA bronzers develop color through an oxidation process, the more DHA used the darker the shade of brown. Delayed Bronzers provide color that lasts from 4-7 days with the darkening process beginning within 2-4 hours of application and complete results after 24 hours. These bronzers are designed to give an extra boost of color for faster visible results and they also help keep your color longer.
*Hand washing is required when using tanning lotions that contain DHA !

Tan Activating Bronzers are sometimes referred to as DermaDark bronzers.  They work by activating melanin in the skin to bring out a natural bronze color.  Tan activating bronzers are present in all products that contain 3 or more bronzers.  They are clear, non-staining, and no maintenance bronzers.  DermaDark bronzers increase melanin production to achieve a quick, intense, long-lasting tan color that lasts for 5-8 days that continues to darken with use.  A Bio Tanning Blend is a third dimension tan activating bronzer that aids in maximizing the production of melanin to bring out the natural bronze color of the skin. M.A.P. (melanin activating peptides) technology is an advanced color boosting system that works by stimulating the production and distribution of melanin in the epidermis for a more even looking and darker tan.  Lipobronze technology promotes delivery of melanin evenly in the body.  Celldark increase melanin production by 17%.

Additional Bronzers

Dimensional Bronzers are a revolutionary blends of "X" bronzing components.  For example, a 5th Dimension Bronzer contains natural, DHA, and 3 tan activating bronzers; a 7th Dimension Bronzer contains natural, DHA, and 5 tan activating bronzers.

Body Blush provides the skin with an immediate photo-reactive blushed glow.  It is known as the "tingle without the tingle" because it produces a simliar effect without the tingle sensation.  Body Blush formulas are composed of a proprietary blend of ingredients and do not contain nicotinate (tingle).

Examples of Bronzers

Australian Gold

Devoted Creations
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Ed Hardy

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Pro Tan

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