Supre Tan Tan Candy™ Sweet Face Bronzer

Supre Tan Tan Candy™ Sweet Face Bronzer
New 2015 Tanning Lotion!!!
Tan CandySweet Face
Dark Facial BB Bronzer
* Natural Bronzers
* Skin Firming
* Fragrance: Soft Spun Sugar

* Available in: 3.4 oz. bottle & .0175 oz. sample
* Price: $

Tan Candy™ Sweet Face is a new 2015 facial bronzer by Supre Tan. It is a light-weight Beautifying Balm that is specially designed to help smooth and balance skin’s tone while preparing skin for golden, dark color.
Natural Bronzers help smooth uneven skin tones while covering minor imperfections with golden, flawless, and radiant color.

Skin Firming Extracts help condition and firm skin for an overall improved appearance.
Skincare Blend skin rejuvenating vitamin blend with Licorice Root contains powerful antioxidants known to help fight free radicals for a more youthful looking glow.
Decadent Moisturizing Blend of Sweet Almond Oil and Sugar Cane help to lock in color while leaving skin feeling soft and silky.
Helps minimize the appearance of pores.
Oil Free, Nut Free.


  1. absolutely love this lotion. It has an awesome cotton candy smell and it doesn't clog my pores (and i have very sensitive skin). I immediately noticed a difference after using it, and its decently priced. I would definitely suggest this to anyone who has a hard time tanning their face.

  2. At my salon we can't keep the Tan Candy line on our shelves, it's just flying out the door and clients have had excellent reviews. The Sweet face bronzer was the first I've personally tried from the line, goes on very lightweight and soft. I have a combination of oily/dry skin on my face and I didn't experience either one of those issues with this facial bronzer, Although my color was not immediate from this bottle, I have noticed color after two sessions. I recommend to my clients.

  3. 4/5 -- We can't keep this lotion on the shelf. It smells great, and definitely a great addition to the Tan Candy collection. Personally, I've gotten better color from other facial bronzers, but I can't say I dislike the lotion. I'd definitely buy a bottle.

  4. 2/5 -- The only reason I'm not giving this lotion a 0 is because it gave me good color as far as facial lotions go. I'm a twenty-something girl with clear skin. I don't have sensitive skin by any standards... But I used this lotion once and the morning after my tan I woke up to a full facial breakout! Not cool. We got this lotion as a sample and I will not be bringing this lotion into our salon anytime soon!

  5. I cannot stand the smell. I'm a grown woman, not trying to smell like I just walked out of a candy store.

  6. I love this facial lotion. It smells amazing and it isn't overwhelming. However, I have noticed that I have to put the lotion on at least 15 minutes before tanning otherwise it makes my face feel like it is on fire, but, if I put it on and let it soak in before tanning it doesn't do that. Gives a great color and smells great.