JWOWW Men’s Edition One and Done™

JWOWW Men’s Edition One and Done™
New 2014 Australian Gold !!!
JWOWW By Jenni Farley
Men’s Edition One and Done™
Advanced Black Bronzer with DHA
 Extremely Hydrating Yogurt Base
* Vitamin E and Shea Butter
* Fragrance: Dark Spice
*Available in: 10 oz. tube or 0.5 oz. sample

Get shades darker in just one session with JWOWW’s Men’s Edition One and Done combining the best bronzers and tan enhancers all in one product.

Advanced Black Bronzer blended with DHA, Melanin Enhancers, M.A.P. technology and Natural Bronzers work together to guarantee a tan that is shades darker with each session.
Jenni’s Signature Blend contains a yogurt base that is infused with Black Currant Oil and Pear for deeply hydrated skin that is visibly more smooth and even.
Fresh-to-Death Essentials Shea Butter and Vitamin E and Shea Butter work together to provide anti-aging effects to keep skin moisturized with a youthful appearance.
Mad Moisturizers made up of four luxurious oils keep skin feeling hydrated and prime the skin for dark color.

“I did it for my girls, so I had to do it for the guys! It’s a new day, a new beginning, a new tan… let’s all be One and Done!” ~Jenni ‘JWOWW’ Farley


  1. This lotion smells SO good... like a really nice men's cologne. It is the same formula as the super popular One & Done (pink bottle) so it works great! This is already becoming my go to recommendation for male clients because it usually has everything they are looking for in a tanning product (great moisturizer, bronzer that is easy to apply, manly fragrance, and tattoo protectant).

  2. Have you had any females try this?

    1. I just saw this Rachael, I'm sorry! I haven't personally tried it and I have not recommended it for any female clients to use simply because it says "men's edition" on the bottle & we carry so many products at my store that are more geared to women and their skin. I am thinking about trying it for myself soon though!

  3. I've worked at a tanning salon for almost 3 years now, and I think this is one of my favorites! As soon as I'm done with the lotion I have now, this is what Im purchasing! I recommend it to alot of our clients, both men and women and 90% of the time they all love it...even the women!