Supre Tan's 2014 Sneak Peek

Snooki Ultra Chic Black Bronzer, Smoke Platinum Hemp Bronzer, Smoke Platinum Black Bronzer, Platinum Dark Maximizer, Love This Dark Tanning Streak-Free Bronzer,Love This Dark Tanning Maximizer
New 2014 Supre Tan 
Sneak Peek!!
Exclusive Sneak Peek of Supre Tan’s NEW 2014 Tanning Lotions.

Keep your eye out for these new products coming soon:

newest Ultra Chic Black Bronzer, her most high-end product yet! Also, the three new products added to the classic ‘Smoke’ collection offer something for everyone with their extremely moisturizing Platinum Hemp Bronzer, extremely dark Platinum Black Bronzer, and the Platinum Dark Maximizer! Supre Tan will also introduce a new product line for 2014 called Love This with the Dark Tanning Maximizer and Dark Tanning Streak-Free Bronzer. Very Exciting!!

Visit for the latest information on all the new 2014 tanning lotion products. As always be sure to let us know what you think about your favorite lotion or not so favorite lotion.

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  1. I can't wait to try Snooki's new product! I love the fragrance of all of her lotions & her bronzers always get me dark fast! I used to tan with "Smoke" products 10+ years ago when I first started tanning. I loved their tingle lotion. Their updated product line sounds great! The bottles for the new lotions in the "Love This" collection look super cute! Can't wait until all of the new 2014 lotions are released so that I can try them! :)