Australian Gold Gilded

Australian Gold Gilded
New for 2012 !!!
Intense Dark Bronzer
*Fifty50™ Technology
*Fragrance: Lavish Luxury
*8.5 US fl.oz.

 Gilded™ Revolutionary Fifty50™ Technology: a unique fusion of intense bronzers and extreme skincare for the absolute best combination of ingredients for deep, dark healthy color.
Satin Toucha botanically derived blend to provide a luxurious feel and deliver extreme hydration for silky, smooth skin.
Glistening Gold Extract increases moisture content to help retain collagen for younger looking skin. 
blend: neutralizes after tan odor with two odor inhibitors.


  1. I tried a sample packet of Gilded a few days ago & I have to say that it is the best lotion that I have used in a long time. It smells like perfume and is incredibly moisturizing without being greasy at all. Most importantly, I was several shades darker after my tanning session! This lotion gave me a very natural looking deep tan color that I loved. I will definitely be purchasing the bottle - it is extremely high quality & worth the price! :)

  2. I finally got my bottle of Gilded and I could not be happier with my purchase!! I have been a regular tanner for over 10 years now, and have worked in the indoor tanning industry for the past 7 years. I have tried every lotion I can get my hands on during this time and I can say without a doubt Gilded is my favorite by far. It has the best of everything I look for and want in a tanning lotion. I forgot to mention in my last post that it has absolutely zero ATO. I honestly smell like I just sprayed myself with a light fresh perfume after tanning with it- so it is a great lotion to use when tanning before work!