Supre Tan Snooki Hot Bronzer

Supre Tan Snooki Hot Bronzer
New for 2012 !!!
Ultra Dark Hot Bronzer
* Skin Stimulators
* HyperDark
* 12 US fl. oz.

Ultra Dark Hot Bronzer has a blend of Black Walnut, Henna and DHA to create a deep, rich tan that will continue to darken after your tanning session.
Skin stimulators create a hot tingling sensation on the skin for an advanced tanning experience.
HyperDark Tanning technology immediately prepares your skin for deep, rich golden color.
SoftChic moisturizers with Coconut and Sweet Almond Oil for maximum hydration and leaves the skin feeling silky and smooth.
Vitamin enriched conditioners promote a more radiant and healthier look.
Paraben Free

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  1. I absolutely love this lotion. I have been scared to try a tingle lotion but decided to give this one a go. It wasn't too harsh at all and it gave me fantastic colour and FAST. The smell isn't bad either, and a little lotion goes a long way. It's easy to apply, makes your skin feel smooth, and the longest the tingle lasted for me when I got out of the bed was half an hour. I definitely recommend this tingle for anyone who wants to try one out!