Swedish Beauty Irresistible Beauty

Swedish Beauty Irresistible Beauty
New for 2011 !!!
Irresistible Beauty
Ultra Marine Dark Intensive Bronzing Serum

*Marine Blend from North Atlantic and Baltic Sea
*Fragrance:  Undeniable Love
*10 US fl. oz.

15 Plus Extreme Bronzers:  including new DHA system, natural, and melanin enhancing bronzers that provide both immediate and delayed deep, dark, long lasting color results
PhytoDark Marine Tan Activating Blend:  from rare Atlantic Brown and Golden Algae are superior melanin enhancers for intensified color and the darkest tanning results
Moisturizer:  contains glacial water from 1800 meters high, which provides the skin with 24 hour deep hydration
Seaweed:  for anti-cellulite and anti-aging properties
Sea Minerals:  provide skin with a radiant glow
SkinMimics:  revitalizing and age fighting blend that mimics skin texture of youth
4X Protection Skin Fresh Blend: advanced formula that neutralizes after-tan odor and delivers an invigorating and fresh scent

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  1. AMAZING!! i use it just for my face i get amazing color, the smell is so good and fresh. no after tan smell either.