Swedish Beauty Mint Condition

Swedish Beauty Mint Condition
New for 2011 !!!
Mint Condition
Ultra Invigorating Superior Cooling Bronzer

*95% Natural & Paraben-free
*12 plus Bronzers
*BioBronze Melanin Enhancer
*Fragrance:  Mint Mojito
*8.5 US fl. oz.

UnbeLEAFable Bronzing Blend:  Contains 12 plus bronzers including: DHA, Dermadark, Natural, and BioBronze for both immediate and delayed deep, dark, long lasting color results
BioBronze Blend:  a glowing tan activator that enhances tyrosinase and melanin for immediate rich, dark color
Skincare:  caffeine and sugar firming and toning blend and moisturizers for deep hydration
Eco-Trio Tanning Blend:  Vitamin A and E plus Aloe in this 95% natural and paraben-free formula help protect skin from fine lines and wrinkles
ReFreshMint Technology:  trio of natural mints (banana mint, Moroccan mint, peppermint) work together to cool the skin
ATO (Anti-Bacterial Complex): neutralizes after-tan odor and delivers an invigorating and fresh scent with Tanfresh blend


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  2. I will admit that I was a bit hesitant to try this lotion because the whole "mint" thing threw me off.. I wasn't so sure that I wanted to use a tanning lotion that smells just like my toothpaste (in the bottle). However, I wanted to review it so I gave it a try. I actually really enjoyed the cooling sensation that the natural mints provided, it wasn't too overwhelming so it was refreshing. I have always liked that the boTANica line is 95% all natural & aloe based, so that's another positive for this lotion. This lotion contains multiple bronzers of every type & I got great color from it. After tanning I did not smell like toothpaste or have a bad after-tan odor. My skin smelled and felt refreshed. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with Mint Condition & would definitely tan with it again!