Designer Skin Phoenician

Designer Skin Phoenician
Color Enhancing Body Silk

*Brilliant Dark Tanning Intensifier
*Mega Magical Silicone Emulsion
*Fragrance: Exotic Fresh Fig
*13.5 US fl. oz.

Color Enhancer:  ultra dark tanning intensifier delivers advanced color without the use of natural bronzers or DHA
Age Defying:  Immortelle Extract - helps to fight free radicals and stimulates collagen production and cell renewal for improved appearance
Mega Silicone Emulsion: nourishes and moisturizes leaving skin feeling velvety-soft
OptiGlow Blend:  complex that increases dark color potential
SunStay Technology:  Activated Amino Acid (AAA) system that interacts with skin to intensify color results while extending bronzer effects
Moisturizers:  help to hydrate the skin to maintain moisture & balance, keeping skin healthy for maximum effect. Also provides trace
elements and nutrients for prolonged bronzer effects and intensified color results.         
ATO (Anti-Bacterial Complex): neutralizes after-tan odor


  1. This is Designer Skin's highest quality intensifier by far. Even without added bronzers, Phoenician gives excellent color results. It keeps my skin healthy so that it tans darker faster. It smells great and feels so good on my skin because of the silicone base.

  2. Well I started off with this lotion because my skin was so pale that I didnt want to use bronzers just yet. The skin care was amazing. My skin had never been so silky smooth. It defiantly helped me achieve a healthy base tan and my skin glowed! I have moved on to bronzing lotions but thank the lord for this amazing stepping stone. :)

  3. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT tanning salon sold it and it was the BEST for my dry skin the silicone in it made my skin so SILKY SOFT best stuff ever!!!!! And now can't find it am looking hard to find it. Of course tanning salon no longer has it. it smells good and works wow it works I'm not always trying to get the sales pitch to buy product but I found something I can't live without now !