Designer Skin Queen

Designer Skin Queen
Majestic Bronzing Blend
Decadent Cream Oil Formula

*Fragrance: Citrus Honeysuckle
*13.5 US fl. oz.

Ultra Advanced Bronzer: 16 Bronzing Blend with 2X Multi-Action Mega Melamax, which enhances the color process by giving skin additional color via immediate and delayed bronzers.
2X OptiGlow Blend:  complex that increases dark color potential
Moisturizers: Royal Jelly, a rich and intense composition, helps hydrate skin for maximum effect
Propolis: a natural humectant with antioxidant and skin softening properties
Progressive Glow: strengthens color with rich moisturization and a gradual second phase development over a 24 hour period.
ATO (Anti-Bacterial Complex): neutralizes after-tan odor

1 comment:

  1. I always get good results when I tan with Queen. Also, it is the best smelling tanning lotion I have ever used. People always compliment me on my perfume after I tan with it, haha! ;)