Confessions 20X Bronzer

Designer Skin Confessions™ 20X Bronzer
2020 Tanning Lotion
Confessions 20X Bronzer 
* High DHA + Natural Bronzers
20X Hypoallergenic Bronzer
* Fragrance: Peaches & Cream

Confessionsby Designer Skin provides a Hypoallergenic bronzing formula for sensitive skin formulated to combat against ATO.

Confessions™ Features
20X Bronzer features custom blended DHA, fortified with deep hues, for
instant color and a darker, long-lasting bronze.
Hypoallergenic formula is specially designed for sensitive skin and
formulated with gentle skin-loving ingredients.
Bare All Blend works to optimize color application by creating a smooth
foundation on your skin for vibrant results and a flawless finish.

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