Supre Tan Love This™Ultra Dark Tanning Bronzer

Supre Tan Love This™Ultra Dark Tanning Bronzer
New 2014 Tanning Lotion!!!
Love This™
Ultra Dark Tanning Bronzer
* DHA Bronzer
* Antioxidant Rich
* Fragrance: Bountiful Bouquet

* Available in: 9 oz. bottle & .57 oz. sample
* Price: $$$

The Ultra Dark Tanning Bronzer contains DHA for dark color that continues to develop hours after tanning!

Did you know!
  It is best not to shower right after you tan. Your color still develops hours after your tanning session is over.  Allow your tan to set in for at least 3 to 4 hours before showering.  Afterwards always use a moisturizer to help keep your skin fresh and hydrated. 
Dark Bronzing Blend contains DHA, the self-tanning ingredient, that provies a darker, deeper, more even color that continues to develop for up to 12 hours after exposure to UV light.
Generous Color Complex works to help best prepare the skin to receive a dark, long lasting tan.
Skincare contains a blend of Vitamins A, C, and E plus rich Shea Butter that work together to condition the skin and fight against free radicals for a younger looking and more radiant glow.
Soft Touch Skin Moisturizers provide pampering and deep hydration that leaves the skin feeling silky, soft, and smooth.
Paraben Free

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