JWOWW Midnight Delight™ Warming Bronzer

Jwoww Midnight Delight™ Warming Bronzer
New 2016 Australian Gold
JWOWW Private Reserve Midnight Delight
* Warming Bronzer
Instant and Delayed Bronzers
* Fragrance: Dark Vanilla
* Available in: 13.5 oz. bottle or .5 oz. sample
* Retail Price: $87.00

Jwoww, Midnight Delight, Private Reserve Tan Lotion 13.5 Ounce 
 the latest addition to the 2016 Australian Gold collection, taking inspiration from the success of the One and Done™ Warming Leg Bronzer.

Midnight Delight™ Warming Bronzing Blend, Jenni’s proprietary Concentrated Black Walnut Extract and DHA are blended perfectly for instant immediate and darker, long lasting delayed color.
Sultry Smooth Blend Ideal combination of  Caffeine, and Warming Ingredients work together to achieve dark color that will last.
Jenni’s Signature Skincare Blend contains a yogurt base that is infused with Black Currant Oil and Pear for deeply hydrated skin that is visibly smoother and more even.

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