Supre Tan Snooki™ Vow To Be Dark Bronzer

Supre Tan Snooki Vow To Be Dark Special Engagement Bronzer
2014 SnookiTanning Lotion!
Vow To Be Dark
Limited Edition Special Engagement Bronzer
* Natural Bronzers + DHA Delivery System
* Anti-Aging Ingredients
* Fragrance: Wedding Bliss

* Available in: 12 oz. bottle & .57 oz. sample

* Price: $$$$

Snooki™ Vow To Be Dark is a new limited edition special engagement bronzing lotion that will be available April 2014! Snooki wanted to introduce a new lotion to celebrate her engagement and upcoming wedding, and this lotion contains everything you need to have flawless dark color results!

Special Engagement Bronzing Blend combines streak-free natural bronzers and DHA to provide photo ready golden, flawless color that continues to darken for up to 8 hours and lasts for 7 days!
Reception Ready Complex provides a radiant finish that will last all through your special day and night with Green Tea Extracts and Coffee.
Timeless Love Tan Extenders work to prolong the life of your tan by helping to prevent your radiant color from fading.
Dress to Impress Moisture Blend contains hydrating extracts that will leave your skin feeling sexy, glamorous, and soft for your big day.
Wedding Bliss Fragrance is a blend of magnolia, pink rose, & freesia + sweet orange, peach, & sun-ripened summer berries.
Paraben-Free and Gluten-Free Formula!


  1. **My review on April 18,2014**

    I tanned with this yesterday at 4pm

    *Scent-Its smells like roses with perfume and hints of fruit...I like it!

    *Zero ATO just a light scent of the lotion but as the hours go on I can pick up the faint DHA smell.

    *Lotion is brown with a medium thick & thin consistency imo its perfect. It goes on super smooth and absorbs easily into the skin without feeling greasy..the moisturizing is perfect!

    *Color Boost-Pretty dang nice since DHA is listed at 18th in the ingredients!! Even with the natural and cosmetic bronzers combined with the DHA this one delivers really nice color. I used a tantoo in a random spot and even after showering this morning its still crisp!!

    In the end I'm glad I got a bottle outright I really like this lotion a lot!! I have loved all the Snooki lotions that have been out and this one is a keeper too.

    5/5 stars

    *Comparing this to Snooki Ultra Chic Black Bronzer-the Ultra Chic has higher DHA (listed at 7th)so if you want a darker bronzer go for that,also the scent is a lot lighter and sweeter (more nice and low key) than this one...also no flower scent.

    *I could see this being a iffy scent for some ppl,so if flowers or perfumey scents bug you try a packet 1st

  2. I really liked Princesa's review of this lotion! I agree with everything she says, as I am one that would prefer to have more DHA & a less perfumey scent, this is not the lotion for me. I did get pretty good color from it, but I was much more impressed with the Ultra Chic Black Bronzer this season.