Australian Gold JWOWW Private Reserve Little Black Bronzer™

New 2014 Australian Gold !!!
JWOWW By Jenni Farley
Private Reserve Little Black Bronzer™

 Natural Bronzer + DHA
* Yogurt Base with Silicones
* Fragrance: Berry Bellini

* Available: 13.5 oz. bottle or 0.5 oz. sample
* Price:  $$$$

JWOWW’s Private Reserve Little Black Bronzer™ will launch on March 1st, 2014! Jenni wanted to capture the “Little Black Dress” feeling with her new bronzer to celebrate her recent engagement and upcoming Bachelorette party!
Black Bronzer Blend is the perfect combination of DHA, Erythrulose, and Natural Bronzing ingredients to provide instant streak-free color and longer lasting dark results.
Jenni’s Skincare Blend contains a yogurt base that is infused with Silicone for deeply hydrated skin that is visibly smoother and more even.
Green Tea Cocktail contains Japanese Green Tea, Shea Butter, and Orange Extract to provide natural soothing properties and a powerful punch of vitamins for a healthy, bronze hue.
Glistening Glow Technology is an effective delivery system that is combined with powerful skincare ingredients to leave the skin gorgeous and glistening.


  1. I love this lotion!!! I am one to constantly switch up my tanning products but I can't make myself use anything else but this since I got a bottle last week. It smells amazing with no after-tan odor and it applies easily and feels great on my skin. I get DARK but very natural looking results everytime I use it. I would reccomend this lotion to anyone, it's amazing!!!

  2. **My review on April 24,2014**

    Finally used my bottle yesterday around 5pm.

    *Scent-Reminds me of a berry mixed drink and candy..I love it!

    *Zero ATO!!!! Not one hint of DHA at all!...even thru the night & this morning zero ato of any kind!

    *Lotion is brown,has a medium thickness (perfect consistency IMO) Goes on smooth & rubs in well. My skin felt soft & moisturized without being greasy.

    *Color boost is EXCELLENT!!! Definite immediate color boost right after tanning and today I just got out of the shower this morning and I'm still looking very dark,plus I used a tantoo in a random spot and its still crisp & visible!

    *I also used this on my face and it got my face really dark from it!

    I'm glad I got a bottle of this!! Jwoww's lotions never disappoint me!! Considering DHA is the 8th ingredient listed and there is no DHA ATO is a huge plus,I like that I can use this and go somewhere if I had to after tanning and not smell. The color boost was impressive too,I'm still partial to the Jwoww natural bronzer with the ink drink BUT this one is still tops too!!

    5/5 stars!!!