Supre Tan Snooki Skinny Super Dark Hot Maximizer

Supre Tan Snooki Skinny Hot Maximizer
New Supre Tan Tanning Lotion!!!
Snooki™ Skinny Sizzling
Super Dark Hot Maximizer
* Tingle + Tan Maximizers
* Fit & Firm Complex
* Fragrance: Fresh Fusion

* Available in: 12 oz. bottle & .57 oz. sample
* Price: $$$$

Snooki™ Skinny Sizzling Super Dark Hot Maximizer joins Snooki’s lotion line for 2014 as a tingle and maximizing product that contains a Fit & Firm Complex to tighten & tone skin for “Skinny” results!

Sizzling Tingle Complex  contains skin stimulators that create a hot tingling sensation on the skin for an advanced tanning experience.
Powerful Tan Maximizers stimulate melanin activity in the skin and prepare it to receive rich, deep, golden color.
Fit & Firm Complex works to reduce the appearance of cellulite and tighten and tones the skin while leaving it feeling and looking touchable, smooth, and soft.
Tattoo ColorShield™ Technology combines Algae, Aloe, and essential minerals to help maintain vibrancy and color of tattoos.
Paraben, Gluten, and Nut Free Formula

1 comment:

  1. **My review on March 30,2014**

    *Scent-Fresh,perfumey and light..just like the others in the Skinny line

    *Zero ATO

    *Lotion rubs in well and is moisturizing.

    *Tingle-For me its a medium low but I tend to get tingle immune fast.

    *Excellent color boost!!

    I've used this a few times now and its one of my favorite plain tingles!!! If your a tingle lover IMO you can't go wrong with this one.

    **Tingle vets IMO this will be a low tingle for you.

    **Tingle newbies I could see this being too hot,this is one where you might want to start with a mild tingle 1st. before diving into this one unless you plan on mixing it with another lotion

    5/5 stars