Tan Incorporated Tanijuana™ 100 Bronzer

Tan Incorporated Tanijuana™ 100 Bronzer
New 2014 Tanning Lotion!!!
High Hemp Crazy Dark 100 Bronzer
* Natural Bronzer (DHA-Free)
* Hemp Seed Oil
* Fragrance: Passion Fruit
* Available in: 13.5 oz. bottle & .75 oz. sample
* Price: $$$

Tanijuana™ is a deeply moisturizing dark tanning bronzer with Hemp Seed Oil and Natural Bronzing ingredients for dark, instant color results!
100XX Bronzing Formula:  Advanced bronzing formula provides deeper and longer lasting color results for the most discerning tanners with an instant bronzer for no maintenance and immediate color results.
Max Silicone Formula: Moisturizes the skin and leaves it feeling velvety smooth and soft. It also makes application of lotion easier and more even!
Hemp Seed Oil: Contains the highest concentration of Virgin Hemp Seed Oil available in tanning lotion for deeply hydrating the skin.
Age Defying Formula: Fights the signs of aging and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for more youthful looking skin.
Paraben-Free and DHA-Free

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