Swedish Beauty Girlfriend Sexy™ Limited Edition 100 Bronzer

Girlfriend Sexy™ Limited Edition 100 Bronzer
New 2014 Tanning Lotion!!!
Girlfriend Sexy™ Limited Edition
100 ©Bronzer
* Color Boosting Bronzers + DHA
* Blends Skin Tone & Tightens
* Fragrance: Tropical Berry Bliss

* Available in: 10 oz. bottle & 0.5 oz. sample
* Price: $$

Girlfriend Sexy™ Limited Edition 100 © Bronzer contains the highest level of bronzers of any lotion in the Girlfriend Sexy collection!

100 © Bronzers with Benefits: A powerful dose of rich DHA combines with the most sought-after color boosting bronzers available to provide deep, dark long lasting color results and the ultimate skin-perfecting finish.
ColorCharmer Skin Finish: Contains an all natural compound that works to remove excess oil from the skin to leave only a velvety, soft matte surface.
Sealed with Hydration:  Moisturizing and healing ingredients are a gentle combination that work together to condition the skin. They also seal in water providing a soft, smooth, touchable finish.
Skincare, Delivered with Curve Appeal™ Technology: Uses Stevia primer to help blend and visibly tone, smooth and firm skin.
Sweet Treats™:  with blueberries & Dark Chocolate help fight free radicals for more youthful-looking skin.
ATO Inhibitor: helps neutralize after-tan odor for a fresh, clean feeling.


  1. I really like the other products in the Girlfriend Sexy line, they smell good and work great for me. I am definitely looking forward to trying this one because it has a higher level of bronzers, which I prefer.

  2. **My review on March 27,2014**

    I used this around 5pm last night.

    *Scent-Fruity with hints of berry & Pineapple

    *No initial ATO but after a few hours the DHA smell kicks in...and it got kinda bad lol

    *Lotion IMO is semi thick,easy to rub in. I did notice after applying it I felt a little sticky but it went away.

    *Moisturization-I would say this lotion isn't super moisturizing or hydrating at all. IMO its mildly moisturizing and my skin still felt soft after tanning.

    *Bronzers-DHA is 10th down in the ingredients list..IMO I'd consider this a medium/high-ish bronzer if that make sense. To me a strong/high bronzer is when DHA is in the 1st 5 listed ingredients.

    *Color boost was really good!!! I got some nice color from the DHA & after showering this morning my color is still looking dark. I used a tantoo in a random spot and the outline has faded a bit but its still clear and visible......plus the outline from the tantoo I got with BS Southern Princess is gone.

    *So I was intrigued by this lotion and since it was Limited Edition I had to get it. I'm glad I did,I liked it a lot!! I love the scent and impressed by the color I got from it. The ATO from the DHA can get pretty bad but IMO the color boost from this was worth it. I haven't tried much of anything from the Girlfriend Sexy line but I might venture out and do so.

    I honestly didn't notice any "matte" from the "Color Charmer skin finish" but that's no big deal and the initial stickiness I noticed isn't a deal breaker either.

    *This one is packet worthy!!

    4/5 stars...due to it could have been more moisturizing IMO otherwise its a pretty nice DHA bronzer.