Kardashian Glow™ Special Event Bronzer

Kardashian Glow™ Special Event Bronzer
New Tanning Lotion !!!
Kardashian GlowBy Designer Skin
Special Event Bronzer
* Ultra Rapid Bronzer
* Luxe Silicone Formula
* Highlight Technology + Contour
* Fragrance:  Cassis Allure
* Available in: 10 oz Bottle & 0.5 oz. Sample
* Price: $$$

The Kardashian Glow™ Special Event Bronzer available February 2014!! This will be a must-have tanning lotion that will help provide the darkest color as quickly as possible! It will be amazing for spring-time special events such as weddings, proms, and pageants! Look for it at your nearest tanning salon, coming soon!

Kardashian Glow™ Special Event Bronzer Features:
Ultra Rapid Bronzers
are specially formulated blend of Antioxidants, Cocoa, and DHA that work together to provide the ultimate bronze glow in the shortest amount of time.

Luxe Silicone Base is extremely hydrating and deeply nourishes the skin for a velvety smooth and soft feel.
Highlight + Contour Technology is made up of Vitamin C that works to help brighten skin’s tone and promotes the production of collagen, and Caffeine that helps tighten and tone the skin.

Cassis Allure Fragrance is sophisticated and sweet, and it will leave the skin smelling fresh for hours after tanning.
Gluten Free, Paraben Free, & Hemp Free


  1. Has this hit the shelves at anyone's tanning salon yet? I am interested to hear reviews on this one! It is always great to have a lotion on hand that will provide the most drastic immediate results possible for special events and such. I can't wait to try it out!

  2. Palm beach tan has these. Obsessed!!! I got SOOO much color off the first use!!!

  3. I finally tried this lotion out yesterday & I have to say I didn't love it as much as I wanted to! I first noticed that the fragrance was kind of strange to me... it isn't horrible but it definitely isn't one of my favorites. It was easy to apply and felt nice on my skin. I didn't see as much immediate color as I was expecting. I have been using Jwoww's new Little Black Bronzer and it gives much better immediate color & it is longer lasting & more NATURAL looking.

    1. The next day after using the Kardashian Glow special event bronzer I noticed that my tan looked more "artificial" or "orange" than normal and I did not like that at all. I think there is too much DHA in this lotion for myself personally.

  4. **My review on May 8,2014**

    I used this earlier in the week on Tuesday.

    *Scent-Bontanical & floral..its nice but different imo. I like it a lot personally and I'm not one for floral scents most of the time.

    *Minimal ATO

    *Lotion goes on very nice,rubs in well and is pretty moisturizing IMO. My skin felt soft after tanning til the next day.

    *Bronzers-DHA is the 7th listed ingredient...wich worked great for me this gave me a really nice deep brown color!!

    I like this bronzer a lot and happy to have a bottle! I loved how the color developed into a beautiful brown on me.(wich lasted even after a took a shower the next morning) The only thing about this lotion is the scent lol I don't mind it one but BUT I could see ppl not liking it. So if your iffy about botanical and floral scents try a packet 1st.

    5/5 stars..I love how this deepened up my color.