Supre Tan Hempz™ Triple Moisture Body Creme

Supre Tan Hempz™ Triple Moisture Body Creme
New 2014 Supre Tan !!!
Hempz™ Triple Moisture
Herbal Whipped Body Crème
* Deep Nourishment & Hydration
* 100% Pure Natural Hemp Seed Oil
* Scent: Enchanted Grapefruit & Sparkling Peach

* Available in: 17 oz. bottle & 2.25 oz. bottle
* Price: $$

Hempz™ Triple Moisture is an herbal whipped body crème that works to improve the overall condition and health of the skin!

Congon Grass Extract  is Potassium heavy and has Mineral and Vitamin based properties that nourish the skin and leaves it feeling smooth, soft, and supple.
Vitamins A, C, and E work to protect the skin from environmentally-triggered and natural oxidants to keep skin healthy.
Yangu Oil is deeply hydrating and rich in fatty acids with antioxidants that protect skin and keep it firm and moisturized.
Apple Fruit Extract is rich in vitamin C which nourishes, hydrates and conditions mature dry skin to help revive and renew skin’s healthy radiance.

100% Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paraben-Free, THC Drug-Free.


  1. I got the mini bottle of this and LOVE IT! it smells just like Victoria's Secret Love Spell!

  2. **My review on Dec 30,2013**

    I've been using a mini bottle of this the past few days and like it lots!!!

    *Scent-Imo its light and fruity,kinda fresh.....I hate grapefruit scents but I don't pick up too much of it in this lotion.

    *Its pretty moisturizing and absorbs great! This is a good one for winter or if you normally have dry skin that needs moisture.

    I'd get a bottle of this...5/5 stars

  3. 5/5 -- Just bought a bottle of this. I really like the moisture it provides, especially in the harsh winter months. I really love the smell; it's very similar to Love Spell, but it's not strong. Even my boyfriend uses it!