New 2014 Tan Incorporated

Tan Incorporated Southern Princess™
New 2014 Tanning Lotion!!!
Southern Princess™
Advanced 200X Black Bronzer
* Natural Bronzer (DHA-Free)
* Anti-Aging Formula
* Silky Silicone Base
* Fragrance: Coconut Milk & Palm Leaves
* Available in: 13.5 oz. bottle & .75 oz. sample

Southern Princess™ is an advanced (200X) natural bronzer that provides immediate color that is streak-free and stain-free for dark results that last!

Advanced 200X Black Bronzers:  The combination of multiple potent natural bronzing agents work together to give skin instant, dark bronze results that require no maintenance.
Anti-Fade Complex: ColorQueen™ complex is designed to prolong the life of your tan for days so that you can tan less frequently and achieve the same results!
Silicone Base:  The Max Silicone base of this lotion provides easy application and leaves skin feeling extremely silky and smooth.
Moisturizer:  Contains high quality hydrating ingredients to keep skin moisturized and healthy looking.
Anti-Aging Formula: The Sun-Conscious™ Body Butter Blend replaces vital nutrients in the skin while working to make wrinkles and fine lines less visible and providing additional moisture for the skin.


  1. What does it smell like?

  2. Sorry for leaving out the fragrance on Tan Incorporated’s Southern Princess™, the scent is Coconut Milk & Palm Leaves. Thanks for keeping us on our toes.

  3. I was recently given a sample packet of Southern Princess to try out. My first observation was that the sample was huge- .75 oz. is a lot of lotion! I have used it twice so far and I still have a little bit left. The first time I tanned with it, I used it by itself. I thought that the fragrance was nice and light and it didn't have a bad after-tan odor either. It felt good on my skin and it was very easy to apply. It's a natural bronzer, which I associate with immediate color results- but I didn't see quite the instant color I was hoping for. It seems to be a high quality product, I think I am just more of an advanced tanner and this is a lotion designed for those just getting started. The second time I used Southern Princess I mixed it with another lotion made by the same company (Tan Incorporated) called #Sexified, which is a 200X Hot Tingle Bronzer. I got great results from this combination because Southern Princess provided the natural bronzing ingredients & a higher level of skincare & #Sexified had the added DHA bronzer and Tingle power to give me what I needed for desired results as an experienced tanner. Also, I was able to use just Southern Princess on my face because I definitely did not want to use tingle there! All in all, I would recommend Southern Princess to beginning tanners or anyone that does not like added self-tanning ingredients (DHA) or tingle in their tanning lotion.

  4. **My review on March 25,2014**
    Used this yesterday afternoon.

    *Scent-A light tropical sweet with a hint of bubblegum scent,I love it!! If your familiar with CG Sex Kitten the scent is similar just Southern Princess is a lot lighter and the bubblegum is way toned down.

    *Zero ATO

    *Lotion has a medium thickness,goes on smooth and absorbs great without feeling greasy. Moisturization is nice,its definitely not heavy imo great for the warmer months.

    *For this being a natural bronzer I was really impressed! I used a tantoo in a random spot and as of this morning its still crisp and very visible! (I tanned at 4pm yesterday & now its 9am) This lotion really boosted up my color!

    I outright bought a bottle because I have wanted to try this one since its announcement last year for the upcoming new 2014's lotions and I honestly have loved all the Tan Inc Brown Sugar lotions I have used/tried over the years my all time favorite is Island Princess!! I think this lotion is gonna be great outdoors too! This one IMO is another winner from Tan Inc's Brown Sugar line!

    5/5 stars-really great imo for a natural bronzer and a excellent choice for any stage of tanning.