Supre Tan Snooki™ Ultra Chic Black Bronzer Couture

Snooki™ Ultra Chic Black Bronzer Couture
2014 SnookiTanning Lotion!
Ultra Chic Black Bronzer Couture
* Natural Bronzers + DHA
* Contains Color Extenders
* Fragrance: Dark Temptress

* Available in: 12 oz. bottle & .57 oz. sample

Snooki™ Ultra Chic Black Bronzer Couture
is the newest edition to Snooki’s line with Supre Tan and it is the most high-end product to date, containing the best bronzers and skincare ingredients available.

Advanced Bronzing Complex  Natural Bronzers plus Tan Maximizers and DHA work together to help penetrate deeper and more even looking color to produce dark, radiant tanning results.
Skin Beautifying Blend nourishing conditions plus powerful antioxidants work together to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to reveal a younger and vibrant looking glow.
Dark Tanning Technology helps prepare the skin to receive a darker, deeper, and more natural looking tan.
Color Extenders prolong the life of your tan by preventing color from fading.


  1. **My review on Jan 18,2014**

    *Scent-A light perfume with a hint of fruit or sweetness......I love it!!!

    *ATO..initially after tanning none but around 6hrs after tanning I could pick up faint hints of DHA...nothing bad at all. Even when I woke up this morning virtually no hint of DHA.....wich is the 7th listed ingredient.

    *Lotion itself is tan colored,goes on smooth,absorbs and rubs in easily. My skin felt really nice,moisturized and soft after tanning and even hours later after tanning.

    *I used a tantoo in a random spot and this morning the outline is still pretty visible!

    *Color boost is excellent!! This lotion really deepend and browned up my tan a lot!!

    This is a new favorite DHA bronzer for me!!!! I do love Snooki's lotions in general but I really loved this one a lot. I tanned last night around 5:30pm and expected to eventually start reeking of DHA as the night went on and even this morning before I showered but nope!!! I love how my color looks more browner too and even after showering this morning my tan looks great!!! This lotion is a keeper!!

    5/5 stars

  2. I tried this lotion for the first time yesterday, and I absolutely loved it initially! I am obsessed with the fragrance... it really smells like a light perfume both before and after tanning. I got amazing immediate color from it and continued to darken as the day went on. Unfortunately, I will not be able to use this lotion again because a few hours after using it my legs began to itch so badly that I had to take a shower immediately. I have also had this allergic reaction after using Supre's Go To Black2 Double Dark Bronzer and Snooki Legs. I just put two and two together last night and realized that I must be allergic to something that Supre puts in their lotions that contain a high amount of DHA bronzer. I realize this is a personal problem, because the girls that I work with and our customers (at a tanning salon) have never had a problem. I was just curious to know if anyone else has experienced an allergic reaction or itching after using a Supre Tan product with a high level of DHA?

  3. This is crazy because I have experienced the same allergic reaction to this Snooki lotion-very itchy & bumpy on my chest, ribs & legs.

  4. I bought this Snooki Tanning lotion 3 weeks ago and I noticed not long after I Herzog I was breaking out with pin like pimples on my arms , legs, neck. everywhere not to mention the severe itching I did not put things together until today and saw the complaints about the lotion it takes almost a week or so before things calm down I was beginning to think I had a more serious problem glad to know it was not just me

  5. Totally disappointed. Had an allergic reaction from hell. Never experienced anything like it with any other lotion. Needless to say I returned it to get my money back. As for the color, was not impressed.

  6. I bought this lotion the year it came out and absolutely loved it! I don't tan very often so I'm just now running out of it and am about to buy another bottle.

    In my opinion, the price IS kinda high, but I feel like it's worth it. I don't tan easy. Most of the time I burn and have to moisturize in order for it to turn into a tan. With this lotion, though, it helps me not to burn (besides my first tan of the year), and the color I get is beautifully dark. It stays a pretty long while, too!

    I am a fan of every Snooki tanning product I've tried, but this one is my favorite!