Designer Skin No Apologies™ Shave Lotion

Designer Skin No Apologies™ Shave Lotion
New 2014 Designer Skin
Tanning Lotion !!!
No Apologies™
Tan Extending Shave Lotion
* Shave Minimizers + Firming Blend
* Juice Base
* Fragrance: Papaya Passion
* Available in: 8 oz. Bottle & 0.5 oz Sample

No Apologies™ is the only women’s shaving product that helps maintain UV and Sunless Color!

Juice Evolution® Technology features Superfruits, Sea Buckthorn Berries, and Passion Fruit that rich in Antioxidants and Sugar Cane. Deeply hydrating to help soothe, condition, and protect while shaving the skin.
Silky Smooth Formula creates a lather-free, thin layer on the skin that allows for a shave that is closer without any irritation.
Skincare contains a combination of a Shave Minimizer, Coffee Bean Extract, and Caffeine to promote beautiful skin that is tight, toned, and smooth.

No Apologies™ is Nut, Aloe, Gluten, and Hemp FREE product and can be used on wet or dry skin.


  1. This is a great product! There was definitely a need for this because shaving is something that most of us have to do daily and it leads to minimizing the life of your tan. It really does help protect your skin while shaving and in turn prolongs the life of your tan. I love that you can use it to shave wet or dry. It's great to use when you "miss a spot" which seems to happen to me often. This product smells wonderful, eliminates irritation, and has great skincare ingredients on top of that. Now that I have tried it, I will always have this product as a must for daily use.

  2. I have been using this on a regular basis for about a month now for shaving.I haven't noticed shaving being minimized, however it has protected my tan, smells amazing, & makes my legs Super Soft! I would recommend this to everyone!