Ed Hardy Reality Star™ Fast Acting Bronzer

Ed Hardy Reality Star™ Fast Acting Bronzer
New 2014 Ed Hardy !!!
Reality Star
Photo Finish Fast Acting Bronzer

With BB Créme Skin Perfecting
& Correcting Technology
* Sensitive Skin Formula
* Low levels of DHA Bronzer
* Fragrance: Sparking Champagne

* Available in: 13.5 oz. bottle or .7 oz. sample

Reality Star™ contains a light DHA Bronzer for dark, natural looking color and provides a flawless look with skin perfecting BB Créme.

Bronzers flawless and natural looking color is provided by slight DHA bronzers.
MelanoBronze allows for darker and longer lasting intense tanning results by stimulating melanin activity in the skin.

Wheat Proteins work to instantly tighten the skin for a healthy, toned appearance.
Almond Oil + Macadamia Nut are both rich in nutrients and skin protectors to keep skin looking and feeling healthy.

Green Tea Extracts + Caffeine stimulates and energizes the skin for firming and tightening benefits.
Hemp Seed Oil provides added moisture for deep hydration, skin conditioning, and nourishing properties.
Kona Coffee Extract  works to revitalize and soften tired skin.
Shea Butters + Cocoa softens and soothes the skin while providing deep, intense hydration.

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  1. This lotion is very similar to Devoted Creations Save the Date as far as what they both have to offer, except Reality Star also offers Tattoo Fade Protection. I personally prefer Reality Star over STD because I noticed great color, especially on my face, after one use. My face has a hard time tanning and this is the first lotion that gave my great color. The scent is amazing as well, I love recommending this lotion to clients just so I can smell it while they tan. It has low DHA but Melanin stimulators that work perfect to increase your color. I give this lotion a 5/5!