Devoted Creations Platinum Couture™

Devoted Creations Platinum Couture™
2014 Devoted Creations !!!
Platinum Couture
Sheer Silicone Créme Bronzer
* DHA + Natural Bronzers + Tan Enhancers
* Light Reflecting Jewel Extracts
* Fragrance: Exotic Lush Sugar

* Available in: 12.25 oz. bottle

Platinum Couture™ contains a light level of DHA and Natural Bronzers that help you maintain your own natural glow.

Bronzers contains a low level of DHA bronzers plus Natural Bronzers and Tan Enhancers for a light-weight low maintenance application and color that amplifies your own natural glow.
Black Silicone Blend provides an indulged and refreshed feel to the skin which provides deep hydration for 24+ hours.
Skincare contains natural moisture barrier creating properties and 5 different antioxidant fruit extracts that fight free radicals.

Anti-aging and Firming benefits are provided by advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6™, RevitaFit, and Body Fit™ fighting the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
8X Jewel Extracts that have light reflecting properties to give skin a soft look and showcases skin’s natural glow.

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