California Tan Total RX™ Bronzer Step 2

California Tan Total RX™ Bronzer Step 2
New 2014 California Tan !!!
Total RX™ Bronzer
Step 2: Develop
* Intense Hydration

* Mousse Formula
* Fragrance: Endless Summer

* Available in: 6 oz. bottle

Total RX™ Step 2 Bronzer adds to the California Tan lotion family for 2014 a lower priced bronzer yet still focusing on California Tans commitment to skincare.

Deep Sea Blend™ hydrates, soothes, and calms skin to help develop rich, deep color and create a smooth and beautiful tan.
Skin Therapy™ Blend rejuvenates and replenishes energy to the skin to leave it looking and feeling healthy and radiant.

Aloe Vera moisturizes, heals, and soothes skin to keep it healthy and helps prepare it to develop dark color.
Witch Hazel works as a natural astringent to calm skin and tighten pores.
Vitatan® builds and promotes an ultimate deep, dark tan that lasts.

CuO₂®+ TRF™ advanced scientific technologies that work together to further optimize dark color results.
Natural Extracts Carrot Extract is a natural color enhancer that is also high in Vitamin A; also contains Fig Extract that enhances dark color.

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