Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond®

Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond®
2014 Swedish Beauty !!!
Pink Diamond®
Dark Tingle Bronzer
*Tingle Factor 2 + Bronzers
*Moisturizing Formula
*Fragrance: Citrus Cranberry

*Available in: 8.5 oz. tube & 0.5 oz. sample

The original Pink Diamond™ has been re-formulated for 2014 and is better than ever with the latest ingredients and new moisturizing blend!
T2 Tingle Bronzer gives skin a rosy shade to push bronze color from dark to intense
Carat Complex a combination of bronzers that work together to enhance the tingle color and provide a deep, underlying dark tone.
Firming and Toning Blend of Allantoin and Caffeine work together to firm and tone skin by stimulating tissue growth.
Polished Smooth Skin soothes, heals, and conditions skin to keep tingle color at the perfect balance for color and comfort.

NEW! Flawless Finish Moisture contains 3 new super moisturizers that promote a glowing bronze color that is great for all types of skin.
TanFresh™ Blend neutralizes after-tan odor and leaves skin smelling and feeling fresh.

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