Australian Gold Liquid Assets™

Australian Gold Liquid Assets™
New 2014 Australian Gold !!!
Liquid Assets™
28th Dimension Elite Bronzer

With Champagne & Caviar Complex
*Contains all bronzer types
*High level of skincare
*Fragrance: Sparkling Mimosa

*Available in: 10 oz. tube or 0.5 oz. sample

Liquid Assets™ is the newest edition to Australian Gold’s best selling line of premium tanning lotions, loaded with the best bronzers and skincare ingredients available!

28th Dimension Elite Bronzer contains all types of bronzers: DHA, natural, tan activators, and Mahakanni extract (works faster & lasts longer than DHA alone!) The combination of bronzers provides maximum instant and rapidly developed, delayed results.
Exquisite Skincare contains top skincare ingredients including Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Black Pearl Extract to heal and rejuvenate skin and provide a healthy, radiant glow to the skin.
Champagne & Caviar Complex this combination of deluxe ingredients provides suppleness and detoxifies the skin to improve the radiance of the skin’s tone.


  1. We got this lotion in at the salon where I work & it sold out before I even had a chance to try it! Everyone loves it. It's a great high-end lotion with lots of skin care that seems to produce amazing results from what I can see from my client's tans & their reviews.

  2. Just an update... we sold out of it AGAIN before I could get my hand on a bottle to purchase for myself. This has definitely been the best selling 2014 lotion for us thus far, everyone LOVES it! Has anyone else tried it? What are your thoughts?

  3. too thick, it felt like I was putting pudding on me.
    also the scent was not the greatest. Not worth the price.

  4. I tried this lotion a few weeks ago and fell in love with it. I love the scent and I also love that it still smells the same after you're done tanning. I saw really great results from the one time I used it too. My salon sold out of it so I haven't had a chance to purchase it but I absolutely love it. As for the hefty price tag.... I'd buy it for half off probably but I'm a cheapskate haha. But it's my favorite one that I've tried-- it even surpasses my jwoww

  5. Just recently bought a bottle of this lotion and absolutely LOVE it. Couldn't ask for better color in such a short period of time. I am an avid tanner and have been for years. I would say I've tried at least 300-400 different types of lotion and this is up in my top 3.

    It is very thick, which some people may not like: however, the skin care in this lotion is absolutely fantastic! The smell is also a little strong, but it is pleasant and fruity. Minimal ATO and maximum tanning results! What more could you want in a lotion!?

    Definitely worth the price :)

  6. This lotion is 50/50. The color is awesome but the smell is super strong and it doesn't spread easy. I had to use so much when I tried it. If you don't mind repurchasing soon after then it's a good product.