California Tan Cocktail Tanning Lotion

California Tan Cocktail Tanning Lotion
New 2014 California Tan !!!
Cocktail Tanning Lotion
UV + Sunless
Step 2 Develop

*Intense Hydration
*Fragrance: Fresh & Sunny

*Available in: 6.0 oz. tube

Cocktail Tanning Lotion is specially formulated to use when cocktail tanning (UV + Sunless tanning), it helps build dark color when UV tanning and because of it is silicone-free formula it will not block the sunless spray tan from forming.

Silicone-Free special formulation helps to prepare skin for dark UV color development while also allowing for maximum sunless absorption to the skin.
Breakthrough Fragrance Technology works to eliminate odors at the source and replacing them with a refreshing Fresh & Sunny scent.
Avacado Oil softens skin and provides deep moisture to prepare skin for an even sunless tan.
Vitatan® builds and promotes an ultimate deep, dark tan that lasts- a deeply hydrating and energizing blend that helps skin build a UV base tan.

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