Designer Skin Glam Slam™

Designer Skin Glam Slam™
New 2014 Designer Skin !!!
Glam Slam™
Mega-Watt Dual Bronzing System
* Anti-Aging Complex
* Caffeine: Firms + Energizes
* Fragrance: Kiwi Watermelon
* Available in: 13.5 oz. bottle & 0.5 oz. sample

Glam Slam™ is predicted to be one of the best sellers for Designer Skin in the 2014 season due to its relatively low price point for the high quality bronzers and skin care it contains!
Mega-Watt Dual Bronzing System features natural bronzing ingredient, Black Walnut Shell to provide instant color and a potent blend of Banana and Tyrostan™, ProBronze Extend™, and MelanINK™ that work together to develop even darker and longer lasting delayed results.
Red Tea contains 9 individual Antioxidants for the skin that work to fight free radicals to diminish signs of premature aging of the skin.
Caffeine’s firming and energizing effect provides skin with an overall improved texture and appearance for a healthy glow.
ATO Inhibitors combine with the Bermuda Breeze fragrance to leave your skin feeling clean and smelling fresh.


  1. our clients love this lotion. its affordable, has a great smell and gives you great color after a few uses. had it for a 2 weeks and have had to order more. sold 5 bottles and have a few on back order for clients. love it!

  2. **My review on Jan 3,2014**

    *Scent-Exactly like Melt & Bombshell..Kiwi Watermelon..super yummy!!

    *No ATO..just a faint scent of the lotion

    *Lotion was creamy,rubbed in very well and was nicely moisturizing. After tanning my skin felt nice & soft.

    *Minimal color boost if even that.....I used a tantoo in a random spot & after tanning the outline was completely gone in less than a hour....I also have a existing tantoo that is from earlier this Monday from when I used Jwoww Black Bronzer with the Ink Drink Complex..I didn't cover it or anything and the outline is still crisp even after tanning with Glam Slam!!

    Basically the scent of this lotion is awesome and that's about it IMO.....This lotion is nice with its lotion texture and nice moisturization but it really lacks with boosting color,I was disappointed in this lotion...the fact that my random tantoo totally disappeared and my existing one is still crystal clear from Monday was a let down.

    **This lotion IMO is one that would be great for beginners.

    1/5 stars just for the yummy scent