Australian Gold JWOWW One and Done

JWOWW One and Done
New Australian Gold !!!
JWOWW By Jenni Farley
One and Done™
Advanced Black Bronzer with DHA
Ultra Moisturizing Yogurt Base
* Vitamin E and Shea Butter
* Fragrance: Asian Pear

Get Shades Darker in One Session
Advanced Black Bronzer with DHA, Melanin Enhancers and Natural Bronzers.
One and Done’sAdvanced Bronzer Blend, DHA and a proprietary Black Walnut blend is mixed with Melanin enhancers and MAP - guaranteed to get you shades darker with each session.
Jenni’s Signature Blend yogurt base is infused with Black Currant Oil and Pear for visibly smoother skin.
Fresh-to-Death Essentials, Mad Moisturizers, Vitamin E and Shea Butter keep skin young and vibrant.
Four luxurious oils keep skin feeling hydrated and prepare skin for dark color.
Fragrance: Asian Pear (Pear is JWOWW’s favorite Scent) Top Notes: Pear, Berries, Sweet Peach, Apple, Plums, Melon and Raspberry Mid Notes: Tiger Lilly Bottom Notes: Bourbon Vanilla and Musk.


  1. where can i buy this at

    1. JWOWW One and Done has arrived at most Salons and lotion supply outlets.

  2. this lotion is amazing, nice and thin.. no weird after tan odour and i got SO dark after one tan which is rare for me and my fair skin type.

  3. This lotion is awesome! I only need to tan once a week with this! Suuuuper dark after one use!

  4. The name says it all! Working at a tanning salon, once a customer tries this lotion it is difficult to get them to try anything else! Everyone laughs that it is Jwoww's lotion but ends up loving the results they get from using it!

  5. I have jwowws gold bottle from last year loved it and can't wait to get this one!

  6. I love this lotion! I always tend to get itchy with a lot of other lotions but this one didn't make me itch at all! i love this lotion and would definitely recommend it!

  7. I didn't get any results from this one. Wedding white is even worse...left me with orange streaks. Disappointed.

  8. I tried this lotion the other day and it was nice. At first I didn't like the smell of it when it was in the bottle, but it smells better once its on your skin. It gives great results. A lot of our customers rave about this lotion.


  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE! This lotion is by far the best.

  11. Tried this lotion today for the first time, and absolutely loved it! Beyond satisfied with my results!

  12. I love this I have a light fair complexion normally and I went tanning yesterday and definitely got a tantastic results. My skin is soft and bronzed at least 3 shades darker! Note fyi for everyone wash hands though like any tanning lotion and won't have orange in between fingers. I didn't and it left a lil residue.