Supre Tan Sweet & Sexy™ 50X Bronzer

Supre TanSweet & Sexy™ 50X Bronzer
2013 Supre Tan
Sweet & Sexy™
Secret Reserve 50X Bronzer
*Extra Dark 50X black bronzer
*Paraben Free
*Fountain of youth formula with apple stem cells
*Fragrance: Pink Sugar

Get darker faster & stay dark longer with Sweet & Sexy™ 50X Bronzer. Supre Tan's BabyDoll™ Bronzer formula continues to darken up to 12 hours after tanning & last for days!

Look for editor reviews on this lotion coming soon.

Sweet & Sexy™Secret Reserve 50X Bronzer Features:
Bronzers: Extra dark 50X black bronzing formula continues to get darker for up to 12 hours after tanning & the dark color lasts for up to 8 days.
Melanin Enhancer: Tantalize™ Dark Tanning Complex helps produce darker results in less time by enhancing the skin’s production of melanin during exposure to UV rays.
Firming: Coffee Extracts, Sugar Cane, and Caffeine work together to give skin a more youthful and toned appearance.
Moisturizers: Hydrating and conditioning complex consisting of Gardenia, Passion Flower, and Sweet Rose make this skin feel smooth and silky.
Anti-Aging: Features Secret Reserve Fountain of Youth formula containing apple stem cells that works to rejuvenate and renew essential skin cells to help improve firmness and elasticity while also reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


  1. We just got this lotion in at the salon where I work & I was super excited to try it out. The first thing that I noticed about this lotion was the smell - to me it smells like brown sugar in the bottle, which I liked. The second thing I noticed is that it is dark in color, indicating lots of bronzers - which I expected. I also noticed that it has a bit of a "shimmer" to it. I was worried that it would be too much & look like glitter on my skin, but I can barely see the shimmer after tanning, which I was happy about. I have used this lotion twice now, and I have gotten good color results from it. I was not overly careful when applying it to my skin & I have not noticed any streaking or staining at all. It feels great on my skin & provides great moisture. I love that it contains anti-aging ingredients & that it is a melanin enhancer. The only negative for me with this lotion is the after-tan odor- I was not happy with the smell of this lotion on my skin after tanning at all. I am used to using a lotion with ATO/TanFresh to help neutralize the "after tan odor" & this product is clearly lacking that. Overall, I will say that this is a great bronzer with lots of great skincare ingredients. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to maximize their tanning results.

    1. I have used Sweet & Sexy 50X Bronzer a few more times since writing this review, and I am still getting great color from it. I mixed a tingle lotion with it the last 2 times I tanned & I have gotten super dark! People keep asking what tanning lotion I use this week! I definitely recommend trying this lotion mixed with something with a little bit of tingle/heat - I have been using AG's Risque Ritual! :)

  2. I was the first one to use this lotion. I'm still not 100% sold on this product. It smells really good, but it is a very thick lotion. I applied this lotion right before I went in the stand up booth; my hands kept sliding off of the handles. Right after it does make your skin feel a little greasy but as the night goes on it makes your skin super smooth. After using this lotion my legs looked super dark. I'll keep trying it, and write another review.