Designer Skin Color Perfecting Primer

Designer Skin Color Perfecting Primer
New 2013 Designer Skin !!!
Color Perfecting Primer
*Solar Peptides for faster, darker color
*Superior Anti-aging benefits

 Using the Color Perfecting Primer is the most important step for preparing for a long-lasting and beautiful sunless tan using Designer Skin’s Faux Natural Sunless Collection. Make sure to visit again soon for reviews of the Sulfate Free Body Wash and the Daily Sunless Extender.

Color Perfecting Primer Features:
Advanced Color Maximizing Technology: contains Pure Solar Peptides™ that are proven to help in the production of faster and darker color. They also contain anti-aging ingredients that offer superior results.
 Coconut Blossom complex is specially formulated to help provide a pleasant, odorless sunless tan.
Preparation: To achieve a perfect sunless tan, preparation is the key! Smooth skin with the Exfoliating Body Polish, cleanse skin with the Sulfate Free Body Wash and apply the Color Perfecting Primer to best prepare skin for the most natural looking, even tan color before applying the 360° Sunless Mist.

Maintenance: Use the Daily Sunless Extender to moisturize the skin for the longest lasting sunless tan possible. 

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  1. I absolutely always wear a primer! I use an intensifier/maximizer when I can't get my hands on this but this is my favorite! It smells ahhhmazing and it really hides the smell of the spray tan! I really notice a difference when I don't use this-in the color of my tan, the longevity, and my spray tans gets blotchy when I don't use a primer! Must have if you're going to spray!