Swedish Beauty Drift Away™

Swedish Beauty Drift Away™
New 2013 Swedish Beauty !!!
Drift Away™
Natural Bronzing Blend
* Natural Bronzer
* Shea Butter and Moisturizing Oils
* Fragrance: Sparkling Seafruit
* 8.5 US fl. oz.

Drift Away™ contains vitamins, natural oils and streak-free/stain free bronzers to give your skin a fresh feeling and a deep, dark tan.

* Drift Away™ Features:
Natural Bronzer: immediate color is delivered with natural extracts, Black Walnut and Banana.
Moisture-Rich:  Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, and Sunflower Oil make up the Beach-Beauty Blend that keeps skin healthy, soft, and deeply hydrated.
Skincare: contains Seafoam Soft™ Vitamins B5 and E, which promote healthy skin.
Coastline Color™ Technology: With a blend of Melanin and Tyrosine Swedish Beauty’s Drift Away delivers a fast and lasting tan.


  1. I tried a sample pack of Drift Away yesterday, and I really didn't have very high expectations. I figured it would be your basic natural bronzer that would give good immediate color, but it wouldn't last very long. I was very wrong!! I was at least 3 shades darker after using this lotion, and everyone noticed. 24 hours later I am still just as dark!! I got better results from this product than I have ever gotten with any other lotion, and I have tried just about everything on the market over the past 10 years. Drift Away has a great fruity smell that I think smelled ever better after I tanned with it - you can't beat that! It is incredibly moisturizing and has great skincare. Needless to say, I have already decided to order a bottle right away. I was in shock to find out that this lotion retails for just $35!! What a steal.. I'm in love, haha! :)

  2. Drift Away is a great lotion. It has a natural bronzer which is great for people who want a lotion that doesnt have additive bronzers. I highly reccommend this lotion

  3. I love Drift Away! I just bought it today. It works so well! And I only paid $28 for it! :)