Devoted Creations Spiked & Seductive™

Devoted Creations Spiked & Seductive™
New 2013 Devoted Creations!
Spiked & Seductive
Rapid Release Bronzer
* Diamond Dust Technology
* Airbrushed Appearance
* Fragrance:  Seductive Dark Orchid
* 13.5 US fl. oz.

Look for the New Devoted Creations Spiked & Seductive™ tanning lotion at your local tanning salons, due for release April 1st.

*Spiked & Seductive™ Features:
Diamond Dust™ Technology provides an airbrushed appearance that illuminates your skin to perfection.
Rapid Release Bronzers provides a silky rich matte finish to help reduce the appearance of skin imperfections.
Fragrance: Seductive Dark


  1. LOVE this lotion!!Bought it as soon as it came out cause the bottle is so cute! Its a thicker lotion that take a minute to rub in but leaves my skin very soft and silky, not at all greasy. The color boost is awesome with no hint of orange just brown. No after tan odor either. All in all a wonderful bronzer!

  2. How long does it lasi? Is it waterproof and does it stain clothes?