Australian Gold Tribute™

Australian Gold Tribute™
2013 Australian Gold !!!
Uniform Dark Color Blend
* Natural Bronzer        
* Hydrating Vitamins and Oils
* Fragrance: Golden Valor
* 8.5 US fl. oz.

Every bottle pays Tribute™ to and supports the US Armed Forces!

* Tribute™ Features:
Natural Bronzer: provide instant deep, dark color that is streak-free and stain-free. Contains melanin enhancers to help promote dark color in a shorter amount of time. 
Moisture-Rich:  Shea Butter and Hemp Seed Oil smooth, soften, and revitalize to make skin soft and touchable.
Skincare: Vitamins and Oils hydrate, nourish, and tighten skin for a healthy, glowing appearance.
ATO: invigorating and fresh after-tan fragrance delivered by Tanfresh™ Blend.


  1. I tried this lotion a few days after trying SB's Drift Away, another natural bronzer that I fell absolutely in love with - so it's almost not fair. I did really like Tribute, I got nice immediate color from it and it didn't fade quickly. It is very moisturizing and it felt great on my skin. I love that it's a natural bronzer and I didn't have to be overly careful when applying it. Personally, I do not like the smell. It smells like a mix of strong perfume and plastic to me. It wasn't very noticeable after tanning, but when I was applying it was quite overwhelming. All in all, Tribute is a good natural bronzer.

  2. Really like this lotion ...don't really care for the smell either but a good one to use

  3. I like the smell and the immediate color but after about three weeks or so of using it while tanning, I wasn't getting darker. Seemed to quit working the first or second time using it!