Supre Tan Better Than Black

Supre Tan Better Than Black
2012 Supre Tan !!!
Better Than Black
Ridiculously Dark Ultra Bronzer
*MicroBronzingTM Complex
*HydroSilk Emulsion
*12 US fl. oz

MicroBronzingTM Complex with DHA helps penetrate deeper for smooth more uniform color, producing radiant dark tanning results up to 12 hours after UV-exposure and can last up to 8 days.
TM Tanning Technology helps stimulates melanin synthesis for a deeper, darker looking tan.
HydroSilk Emulsion blends silk amino acids and silicones to condition and hydrate skin for a smooth, silky finish.

Go far beyond your darkest tanning expectations with Better than Black. This ultra advanced bronzing formula with our exclusive PureDarkTM Tanning Technology, MicroBronzingTM Complex and Chromatic Color Extenders delivers ridiculously dark, rich color while our Hydrosilk Emulsion locks in moisture leaving your skin feeling silky soft and incredibly smooth. With color this dark you will re-define your true tanning potential.

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  1. 2/5 this lotion is supposed to smell like berries... it smelled like tutti fruiti and barf. it gives pretty great burst of color but the smell gave me a really bad headache and my ato was disgusting. i had to drive home with my windows down. my skin was soft afterwards but i'm not a fan.