Chez Mystique Advanced Bronzing

Chez Mystique Advanced Bronzing
2012 Designer Skin !!!
Chez Mystique™
Advanced Bronzing
*Crystal Lustre®
*Advanced Bronzing Matrix™

*Black Pearl Lustre
*Fragrance: Ginger & Sugar Plum
*10 US fl. oz.

Lose yourself in a decadent dream of luxurious dark color, while our exclusive hand blended Crystal Lustre® Emulsion pours over your skin for deep, immediate hydration and sublime smoothness. Dark color is achieved through the advanced Bronzing Matrix™ infused with Black Pearl Lustre to impart a glowing opalescence to the skin. The elusive rich shade of bronze you desire is now yours!

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  1. I bought a bottle of this lotion on clearance and I know why it was- it was very liquidy and the smell was horrible. It smelled like perfume your grandmother would wear and it is STRONG. Tanning just kicked that smell into high gear and it got worse. I would never buy this lotion and would strongly advise for no one else to ever buy it.