Supre Tan Domination 50xxx Bronzer

Supre Tan Domination 50xxx Bronzer
2012 Supre Tan !!!
Domination 50xxx Bronzer™
*Ultra advanced 50XXX Bronzing Blend
*Ultimate Tan Maximizers
*Innovative emulsion system
*12 US fl. oz.

The Ultimate Tan 50xxx Bronzer, formulated specifically for men.
Ultra advanced 50XXX
Bronzing Blend of DHA and Natural Bronzers dramatically darkens skin after UV exposure for a deeper, darker longer lasting tan.
Ultimate Tan Maximizers help provide dynamic tanning results, maximum color density and darkness.
Innovative emulsion system goes on smooth and wont matte hair during application for cleaner application and healthier- looking tan.

Unleash the strength and power of the ultimate men’s dark tanning bronzer.  Domination is specially formulated to meet the unique needs of men’s skin with deeper penetration, cleaner application, revitalizing skin supplements and potent 50XXX bronzers that take your tan to the highest level of deep, dark color and definition.

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  1. I'm not sure if the reviews above are planted ones but this lotion is by no means "specially made for men". The scent is just as fruity as any other girl scent and actually it's one of the worst ones I've smelled, especially the lingering scent. Unlike other top of the line bronzers from DesignSkin, this one will stain your hands after you are done tanning. I've been trying to get mine off for the last 2 days. However to the company's credit, it does say on the bottle to wash your hands after applying because staining may occur, but who seriously has time to put their clothes back on after you just took them off to apply the stuff and walk out to the bathroom?? It's not practical. Do yourself a favor and spend a little more $ and get a silicone based product, it will last much longer than this stuff. Luminary by DesignSkin is the best I've found yet, Obsidian is a 30x silicone but has warm volcanic minerals in it and it burns the living $*@$ out of me, so I stick to Luminary.