Australian Gold Bronze Pearlfection

Australian Gold Bronze Pearlfection
New for 2012 !!!
Bronze Pearlfection
ronzing Mineral Lotion
*25th Dimension Bronzer   
*Pearl Extract
*Fragrance: Precious Gems          
*10 US fl.oz.

Bronze PearlfectionTM uses Ultra Advanced Bronzing Technology to create deep, rich color and natural crushed pearls to nourish the skin.
With 25 bronzers your skin will benefit with immediate and sustained color for days.
Pearl Extract helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles for smoother, younger looking skin.
Natural Skin Conditioners like Aloe Vera, Sea Salt and Sunflower Seed Oil helps this lotion to heal dry skin and promote skin renewal.   
TanFresh™ Blend
neutralizes after-tan odor with two odor inhibitors.

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