Designer Skin Armed & Fabulous

Designer Skin Armed & FabulousNew for 2012 !!!
Armed & Fabulous 
Extreme Sizzle Accelerator
*Green Tea and Chamomile
*Immediate Color
*Royal Berry Extract
*Fragrance:  Mora Berry 

*8.5 US fl.oz.

Armed & Fabulous™ intensifier delivers the heat, with an extreme sizzle formula that is designed for truly dark color.
Green Tea and Chamomile help soothe and prepare skin to receive dark color.
Extreme Sizzle Accelerator delivers immediate dark color through a tingle and reddening sensation.
With Royal Berry Extracts this lotion is filled with antioxidants to help repair and tone your skin.


  1. When they say "hot" and "red" they mean it. This lotion makes for skin feel like it's burning!! Also when I get out, my entire body is a very ugly red color and it is just dotted with red areas. Although these areas go away in very little time. I do LOVE this lotion though, it makes you extremely dark! It is great if you don't have very much time to tan but want to get nice color.

  2. I love this lotion. Its a tingle so of course you should expect some heat.