Australian Gold Sterling

Australian Gold Sterling
New for 2012 !!!
DermaDark® Bronzer
*Satin TouchTM
*Fragrance: Champagne Dreams
*8.5 US fl. oz.

SterlingTMDecadent Twenty 20TMDermaDark®Bronzer
offers a blend of bronzers and skincare ingredients to help counter the effects of today’s external pollutants.          
Satin TouchTM Blend: botanically derived ingredients will leave your skin satiny smooth and soft.   
Platinum Extract helps to protect and recharge the skin’s electrolyte balance for a great tan.
TanFreshTM Blend neutralizes after tan odor with two odor inhibitors and delivers an invigorating fresh scent.

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  1. I got this from the points I racked up (was too expensive at the tanning salon for me to have bought it) and I LOVE IT. My skin feels like pure silk it's amazing. After almost two weeks I have a very good and natural-looking tan going on (I am a relatively fair-skinned person). I would Highly recommend this product as long as it's authentic (I have bought bogus lotions from Amazon before).